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Favourite Stuff From 2011

Best albums

Altar of Plagues “Mammal”

Black metal continues to morph and grow beyond the strictures imposed by the old guard back in Norway. Ireland’s Altar of Plagues released an album teeming with atmospherics, new accents on established sounds and stuff you’ve never heard on a regular black metal record. The record needs to be heard in its entirety but ‘When the Sun Drowns in the Ocean’ is in particular, stunning.

Mastodon “The Hunter”

Atlanta’s favourite heavy rockers released their fifth studio record two years after the lengthy, prog infused cosmic rumination on life and death that was “Crack the Skye”. This time they trimmed some of the fat (songs running to three minutes in length instead of fifteen) and reminded us of their lighter side on cuts like ‘Stargasm’ and ‘Creature Lives’; kept the heavy shit coming and weren’t afraid to show deeply felt emotions on ‘The Hunter’ and ‘The Sparrow’. It is fair to say that anything they turn their hand to is worth hearing.

Insomnium “One For Sorrow”

Melodic death metal, melodeath or whatever this is being called – it won’t be everyone’s particular cup of tea but Insomnium’s latest is worth overcoming any misgivings you may have. Referencing the rhyme associated with magpies in this country and then coating the record sleeve in crows may seem incongruous but the music itself is at turns dramatic and low-key; melancholic and blisteringly heavy. Highly recommended.


Best of the Rest

Opeth “Heritage”

Whereupon, Akerfelt ditched the death metal vocals and added some more flutes. Still ace.

Kurt Vile “Smoke Ring For My Halo”

Acoustic slacker character puts together ten great detailed songs with creaking smoky production.

Wooden Shjips “West”

“West” is the best fuzz-rock this side of a Nuggets compilation. Motorik rhythms and backwards guitars make for their finest record after countless amazing live shows. ‘Home’ is the standout.

Earth “Angels of Darkness, Demons of Light I”

Dylan Carson continues to mould the re-invigorated Earth moving from the realms of doom laden metal to ominous folk-drone.

PJ Harvey “Let England Shake”

A lot has been written and said about this record and this is by no means the last list it will end up in but PJ Harvey deserves every single accolade for a truly ambitious and quietly important album.

In Solitude “The World, The Flesh; The Devil”

If vintage is the laa dee dah term for second hand clothes then In Solitude should be the by-word for traditional heavy fucking metal. Certainly no mere NWOBHM clones these boys are seriously ambitious.

Machine Head “Unto The Locust”

The most successful resurrection of a damaged name since Joe Perry and Steven Tyler kicked the junk and took Aerosmith supernova in the eighties and they’ve made it look easy. I just hope that doesn’t mean that Robb Flynn will be an American Idol judge in 2030.

Naisian “Mammalian”

Heavy British psychedelic sludge with a penchant for apt song-titles.



Sunn O))) “Double-O Void”

Re-release of doom-drone titans second record and a mighty racket it is too.

Various “Swamp Delta Rock: Sounds from the South Volume 1”

Soul, jazz, blues, rock, black, white. This compilation has it all in its surprisingly succinct double LP format. From the hairy chopped rock of Skynyrd and the Allmans, to sweet Bobbie Gentry and the soaring Boz Scaggs this is a compilation for any music fan.

The Who “Quadrophenia”

Pete Townshend’s last hurrah with the ‘orrible Who as it was all downhill from here. Sure they filled stadiums and earned the dough they were denied in the sixties but this is the apex of the Who as a going artistic concern. “Quadrophenia” has complex characters, social commentary, thrilling music and not a deaf, dumb and blind kid in sight.


Live Shows

Barn Owl, Lagan Legacy Barge, Belfast, 29th April

Avant-garde guitar mangling at massively reduced volume due to the venue restrictions. Strange but brilliant place and BYOB!

My Morning Jacket, Somerset House, London 18th July.

My first MMJ gig since they toured “Z” nearly five years ago and they took on the bigger stage with customary goofy aplomb courtesy of Jim James’ capering and amazing songs.

Black Breath, Borderline, London, 14th July.

Blackened hardcore from the States in a sweatbox venue and an uncompromising lesson in blitzkrieg rock and roll.

Roger Waters, The Wall, O2, London, 17th May.

The polar opposite to Black Breath: grandiose, even a bit silly but nevertheless the way rock shows in arenas should be.

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Summer Loving

Went to some gigs recently in London town that couldn’t have been more different: My Morning Jacket at Somerset House and Black Breath at the Borderline. One, a stately manor by the Thames; the other a sweatbox off Tottenham Court Road.

My Morning Jacket were a welcome blast from the past only emphasised by the surroundings and the familiar faces in the crowd. The weather was ropey at best, ducking in and out of umbrellas, but the band were electric. Now it must be said, MMJ are responsible for one of the greatest gigs of my life at the Academy 3 at the University of Manchester Students’ Union in 2003 just as It Still Moves  was releasesd – so they are in massive credit with me but conversely always have a lot to live up to.

Back in the UK playing the sort of venues they should’ve graduated to some time ago were it not for cancelled tours, they’re plugging new record Circuital which to my ears is a return to form after the somewhat wayward Evil Urges. Jim James loons about in the opening electronic numbers warming up the crowd before a raft of ‘oldies’.  ‘Wordless Chorus’, ‘Gideon’ and ‘The Knot Comes Loose’ all from Z rocket by and people respond to the recognisable vibes.  It only gets better from here with drummer Patrick Hallahan showing off his chops backed by the heart melting and blood boiling dualism of Carl Boemel’s guitar and Jim James voice especially on ‘The Way That He Sings’ from At Dawn.

‘Run Thru’ is an earthbound epic that pierces the grey skies before the urge to kick out the jams takes over on the ‘Whole Lotta Love’ style middle section of the melancholic ‘Dondante’. First single off Circuital, the good time referencing ‘Holdin’ On To Black Metal’ engenders a massive singalong as Jim arses about with a cape and towel outfit.

My Morning Jacket are a genuine treasure – a classic American band – earnest yet experimental and endlessly enthusiastic. A band still going places.

That brings me to the fast up and coming blackened hardcore crew Black Breath who take to the Borderline’s pokey stage at 21:30 precisely for 90 minutes of raging satanic rock and roll. Their fans look like you’d imagine (though certainly not all male) i.e. tattoo’d, black shirt wearing metalheads. Their mixture of brute hardcore force and more sinewy black metal guitar lines works. Even if it didn’t Black Breath’s sheer desire would’ve forced the audience’s appreciation. As it was a hefty pit emerged and fans communed with singer Nate McAdams at will giving just as much on the two new songs they debuted from upcoming second record as they did to renowned shitkickers like ‘I Am Beyond’.

But the best part was the chat with the twitching, adrenaline fuelled Black Breath sticksman J Byrum who, while coated in sweat, told me and a mate about how poor Metallica had been at Sonisphere..”I’ve got their records but I don’t have to like them now.” Nuff said, the new rubs up against the old.

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