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Three Eyes Left – Non Method as Method. No Limits as Limit

Three Eyes Left appear at first glance appear to be attempting to synthesise many ideas on this EP as they reference Zen mediation, Bruce Lee’s system of martial art forms – Jeet Kune Do – and employing non-method as method e.g. changing one element in your life in the hope of improving the whole. How these actually fit into the scheme of a half an hour stoner-psych EP isn’t entirely clear. For example, if they were trying to alter the stoner sound they’ve employed on three previous records it hasn’t worked as “Non Method as Method. No Limits as Limit” is as indebted to Black Sabbath as any other heavy toking, volume worshipping jam band. Discounting their vague grab-bag of philosophies however, allows for enjoyment of the meandering fuzz rock they offer on five unhurried, languid tracks.

The band cite their birth in the Cambrian Age and it’s certainly true that some of these riffs are as old as the earth itself and as fast moving as particularly lethargic tectonic plates. Like their fellow countrymen Ufomammut, Three Eyes Left take a patient, you could say inattentive, approach to riff building letting loooong down-tuned chords coagulate and then drift by on sparse drum patterns with bass player Andrea filling in the space like Geezer Butler did on “Paranoid”. This is especially evident on the heavily Sabbs influenced ‘Hand of Stone’.  ‘Hymn of the Riffian’ seeks out more of the same head nodding riff structures building into a barrage of troglodyte bashing. On ‘Luciferian As The Sun’ – another set of beliefs for the mixer – they bring the threads of the preceding songs together for a lolloping doom laden finale complete with five minute fade back in: the culmination of non method as method perhaps?

On the whole “Non Method as Method. No Limits As Limit” is unfortunately limited in scope taking few liberties with the template laid down in the early seventies by distortion happy ex-hippies but Three Eyes Left’s emulation is sound, the production is suitably unadorned by luxuries letting the three instruments breathe even if the songs themselves can get a little lost in the fug.

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Premonition 13, Camden Purple Turtle, 1st December 2011

We had drought warnings from the water companies on Wednesday so it should’ve been obvious that it would piss it down on Thursday and it did. Arriving at the Hall of Beards, I mean the Purple Turtle, drenched and cursing my luck I was cheered to hear that Slabdragger’s last minute replacements Enos had just started their set. An ear pleasing swirling metallic stomp with touches of classic rock ensued over the next thirty minutes. Neck muscles duly stretched in time for the night’s next support group: Trippy Wicked & the Cosmic Children of the Knight. Although that name may be instructive as to this three piece’s sound I’m still not sure about. Playing a bass heavy stoner rock like an Electric Wizard that’s discovered levity the Croydon gents end their cracking set with a song based challenge in a chorus of “Want Another Drink?”.

Given the circumstances; blackest night doused with heavy rain, a gig with doom legend Scott ‘Wino’ Weinrich and his cohorts seems appropriate. Taking to the stage around 10pm with that famous mane greying but still intact and white SG Wino is every inch the rock legend. He is aided and abetted by long-time friend Jim Karow and a suitably weathered looking rhythm section. Premonition 13 started with track one, side one of their debut disc ‘B.E.A.U.T.Y’ its patient e-bowed intro giving away to the first of many bong-worthy riffs and extended jams. Fixated on the crowd with the same sort of thousand yard stare you get with Mark Lanegan, Wino’s singing and playing is of the highest order as is that of his partner Jim Karow. The inhale/exhale, slow grooves continued through ‘Clay Pigeons’ before they up the tempo for the one-two punch of ‘Deranged Rock N’ Roller’ and ‘Modern Man’ with Karow taking vocal duties on the latter.

Wino mumbled early in the set that there would be “a little jamming if we’ve got time” and sure enough it arrives on the spacey ‘La Hechicera de la Jeringa’ where Karow and Wino show just how simpatico their fluid guitar playing can be as they trade solos. After a brief trip to the dressing room Premonition 13 return bemoaning the 11pm curfew for a one song encore that consists of an instrumental wig out where Motorhead style intensity dissolves into a narcotic Sabbath groove. The set might have been short but it was high on quality confirming that this is yet another Wino project to keep an eye on.

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